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Sunday, February 19, 2017


The first time I started crocheting I was about 19yrs old never pick up a crochet hook until   I turn 50th I was having heath problems but crochet help me from worrying so much about myself. later I join some online crochet groups-which gave me more learning experience. The new project is the HYGGE SCHEEPJES CAL 2017 it’s so interesting reading everyone's post, everyone is so excited about the new Hygge Cal its like Christmas all over again. People showing their pictures of scheepjes kits and their samplers that you get to practice on. well unfortunately I could not afford the kit, but I was able to purchase the cotton ball yarn at a different web sites for a lesser price.  We begin the project on Wednesday 2/27/17. A women by the name Esther who is teaching us with her YouTube videos how to make this beautiful shawl which is called HYGGE SCHEEPJES CAL .
practice sampler
practice piece

part on
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Crochet is not just a hobby it is a time when you can sit back and relax and unwind and form a piece of art from a thick peace of string we call yarn
create-create what ever you can, share your talented gift of crochet art for all the world to see
Pass your gift on to the next generation, share with others the things that you have created -your heart will be happy that you gave that of which you made. 

Sophie's Cal 2016
My best friend Veronica  said to me if you should leave this world before me please pass Sophie Cal to me-I said no problem it will be yours, I made the Sophie Cal in 2016.

Written by Sherrie Robinson-Dilday

Sunday February 19, 2017 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Beautiful Mind


I watch a movie years ago call the BEAUTIFUL MIND base on John Nash he was an mathematical genius-who suffer from Schizophrenia. I never dream in a millions years that I would have a child who I will call Hope-for the sake of this article with the same disorder, when she was growing up there were no signs of this disorder all she had was some anger issues as I look back maybe that was the tall tale sign. She is very good at writing poetry, Hope had written several poems for people obituaries.  She also did some poetry  for the church events we use to belong too. No one could ever imagine how a mother feels when her child suffers with a mental disorder. Here is one of Hope's Poems that she written in 1998 for our late aunt Jessie Mae who was the foster mother of many children.
Jessie Mae
Who can become a mother of 22 or more in just one day?
Take them all to church and teach them how to pray
Bring them all together almost every Sunday
(no one ) but Jessie Mae
Who could make you sit straight in church
Without causing a scene by giving you a little pinch
Called a RING-A DING (no one) but Jessie Mae
Jessie Mae was a mother to all those whose mothers were not around
She had a special talent for connecting people together
From all around town
She was full of laughter and lots of love
And I am proud to say that she was good friends with the man above
I know that she will be missed much more than before
But let her teachings be your strength that eases your pain away
And let’s try to remember that God has blessed us with more
Than one Jessie Mae
Yes this is one of the many poems that Hope wrote but that all change when Schizophrenia showed it’s face.
As a mother you wish you could go in your child’s brain and take away all their sickness, and also mend the broken pieces – sometimes a parent has to find their own support system because the burden of having to deal with your child mental illness is so heavy. What makes so sad is when you watch your adult child take a turn for the worse and as a parent you ask yourself what could I have done different while caring this child for nine months to make sure this would have never happen? And the answer is I don’t know. And surprisingly as it may seem many people with schizophrenia have been known to be well educated.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Sophie's Cal 2015

On Friday 10/16/2015 I finally finish making my Sophie's Cal.
This was pretty hard for me to make, i guess because it had so many different kinds of 
stitches, but I thank God for giving me the strength to make it....... 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My new project- Sophie’s Universe CAL 2015

Someone post this beautiful colorful  pattern , I believe it was on google+.  When i seen it I just knew it was something I had to tried and make-this is the first part of the pattern.
here is where i am at now-working on round 57...This pattern can be found at Dedri's website http://www.lookatwhatimade.net and also at Ravely.com. I am following alone the Youtube tutorial by[ It all in a nutshell].

Hopefully soon i will be finish my Sophie's Cal I just finish round 87, trust me i am getting tired,
seems to be taking so long to finish.
On Friday 10/16/2015 I finally finish making my Sophie's Cal.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's all about knitting

I found this video on knittingdaily.com-It's by Shirley Paden. What I like about this video is that she talks about  beautiful designs of fashions that you can make with knitting.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Beg = Beginning
Bet = Between
BO = Bind Off
CC = Contrast Color
CN = Cable Needle
CO = Cast On
Cont = Continue
Dec = Decrease
DPN = Double Pointed Needle(s)
Inc = Increase
K = Knit
K2Tog = Knit two stitches together
Kwise = Knit wise (as if to knit)
LH = Left Hand
M1 = Make a stitch - (make a left or right slanting increase.  If your pattern doesn't indicate which to use, you can use whatever you prefer)
--M1 L = Make one left
--M1 R = Make one right
MC = Main Color
Oz = Ounce
P = Purl
PFB = Purl front and back of same stitch
PM = Place marker (stitch marker)
P2Tog = Purl two stitches together
PSSO = Pass Slipped Stitch Over
Pwise = Purl wise (as if to purl)
Rem = Remaining
Rep = Repeat
RH = Right Hand
RND(S) = Round(s)
RS = Right Side
SK = Skip
SKP = Slip 1, Knit 1, Pass the slipped stitch over the stitch just knit
SK2P = Slip 1, Knit 2 together, Pass the slipped stitch over
SL = Slip
SLK = Slip Knit wise
SLP = Slip Purl wise
SSK = Slip, Slip, Knit
SSP = Slip, Slip, Purl
ST(S) = Stitch(es)
ST ST = Stocking Stitch (Stockinette)
TBL = Through the back loop
TOG = Together
WS = Wrong Side
WYIB = With Yarn In Back
WYIF = With Yarn In Front
YD(S) = Yard(s)
YFWD = Yarn Forward
YO = Yarn Over
YRN = Yarn Round Needle
YON = Yarn Over Needle